Pond pumps, pool pumps, water feature pumps, marine aquarium pumps, solar pumps, and spa pumps operating costs are all being revolutionized with the new Money Saver Pumps! The pump with a gas pedal! This adjustable horse power system has been proven by industry and power companies to save a lot of money.

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The ultimate in economical pond pumps are Money $aver Pump$®; available in all horsepowers. This pond pump system uses the lowest number of amps without sacrificing performance. It is the most economical to operate, and it is very quiet. The payback period is typically a matter of months.

1 HP Programmable with remote

3 HP Programmable with PLC

 Instead of a 2-speed pond pump, it is an infinitely adjustable-horsepower pond pump. It maintains the design speed for either 60 or 50 cycle current. And it can work off your 115 volt or 230 volt outlet. The solid-state electronic controller is the brains of the Money Saver Pump® design. It is a relatively new, well proven, very high-tech, solid-state, electronic dial-horsepower-control unit. It actually costs twice as much as the super premium motor, but it provides more than twice the savings.

Turning the dial adjusts the horsepower and speed (RPM), and the water-flow from 100% all the way down to 0%. So for a 3,450 RPM motor, with the speed dial set to 50%, the resulting RPM would be 1,725. 

  • Since the efficiency of the higher horsepower motors are greater, it is better to select a pump that is larger than the smallest one that will do your job,  and then turn the dial down. That results in the greatest amp savings.
  • Let's say you have a 2-speed pump with 1 HP on high and 1/8 HP on low. The low 1/8 HP may be too low for your use. In fact most 2-speed pumps have a factor of 8 x between the high and low HP. This is usually too far apart to be useful in ponds. 

  • With the 1 HP Money Saver Pump® system you can dial the speed to 80%, which will be about 1/2 HP. In fact you can dial any speed (or horsepower) from 1 to 100%, so you may find an even lower average speed (and horsepower) is acceptable. So when you want to show off your waterfall you dial up to 100%. When nobody's home you might dial it back to 80% or 50%, or wherever you want.

    These systems can also be supplied with a remote control, and configured to be programmable. They can be hooked up to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to automatically change speeds as a function of the time or day of the week.

Money Saver Pump® Prices include Pump, Motor, Controller, & Strainer/Leaf Basket

Money Saver Pump Model # Efficiency at full load Controller Input Voltage Single Phase Amps at full load


Shipping Weight lbs

0 - 1 HP MSP1 78.5% 115 / 230 0 to 2.6


0 - 3 HP MSP3 88.5% 230 0 to 6.8 $1,899.00 100
0 - 5 HP* MSP5 89.5% 230 0 to 5.6 $3,499.00 115
0 - 10 HP* MSP10 91.7% 230 0 to 11.2 $4,899.00 200

* - Uses 460 volt 3-phase motor

The Money Saver Pumps® controller:

  1. Takes single-phase 115 or 230 volt input, and converts it to 3-phase, 230 or 460 volt output.

  2. Is available in a NEMA-4X / IP-65 wash-down and watertight enclosure for outdoor use.

  3. One of the benefits of the controller is it has a soft start/stop capability than can reduce the stress on the system.

  4. It allows the electronics to gently bring the motor up to speed, and slow it down, reducing the long-term maintenance costs and increasing the life expectancy of the Money Saver Pump®.

  5. It provides motor overload protection which prevents motor burnout and eliminates nuisance trips.

  6. Provides more than 200% starting torque.

  7. Eliminates a harmful inrush AC line current during startup.

  8. Shuts down the controller if a short circuit occurs at the motor.

  9. Industrial duty die-cast aluminum case with weather-proof gasket protects the solid-state components.

The Money Saver Pump® motors are:

  1. More efficient than most high-efficiency motors, meaning more energy savings and faster paybacks.

  2. 3-phase motors which means they are more quiet and efficient than single phase motors.

  3. Heavy-duty motor for quiet, cool operation.

  4. They have more copper, larger wire, more iron, thinner laminations, better insulation, and premium grade electrical steel.

  5. They have a precision air gap between the stator and rotor.

  6. Made with premium anti-friction bearings.

  7. Have a low loss cooling fan design.

  8. 200°C moisture resistant wire, laced at every slot to prevent end-turn movement.

  9. Have better rotor construction.

  10. They are balanced to half of the NEMA allowable vibration levels.

  11. They are wound with spike resistant magnet wire.

  12. They carry a full 3-year warranty.

  13. Typical motors last about 10 years, these motors are more carefully made with premium components and should last even longer.

The Money Saver Pumps® are:

  1. Provided with 2" inlets and 2" outlets.

  2. High-efficiency Impeller/Diffuser design for better self-priming and performance.

  3. Self-priming

  4. Electrically isolated compartment shield protects and insulates electrical components from contaminants such as water, dirt, dust, insects, and other vermin.

  5. All components molded of rugged, corrosion-proof fiberglass filled resin for extra durability and long life. This material gives high strength and heat resistant characteristics, and is immune to all types of pond and pool chemicals and water.

  6. Super-size 110 cubic inch capacity leaf and debris strainer-basket, with extra leaf-holding capacity, allows a longer time between cleaning. The strainer chamber itself is 300 cubic inches.

  7. Lexan® clear plastic Full-View strainer cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning, eliminating guesswork.

  8. Heat resistant, industrial size ceramic seal; Long wearing, and 100% drip-proof; For fresh or salt water use.

  9. Totally balanced, Noryl® high-head, brass stemmed impeller provides high-volume output to accommodate even the most demanding installations, without breakage.

  10. Service-Ease design gives simple access to all internal parts. Motor and entire drive group assembly can be removed, without disturbing pipe or mounting connections, by disengaging just 4 bolts.

  11. 2 Convenient drain plugs.

  12. Rugged, One-Piece Housing with full-flow 2" ports, assures rapid priming and continuous operation.

  13. These pumps should last for many years, and parts are easily and cheaply replaced.

  14. The best choice for new pond or pool pumps, or to replace existing pumps to save money.

Ask us about a quote for one of these custom-designed systems for your pond. They are not cheap, but they will have a short payback period. In other words, you will save enough in electrical operating costs to pay for the entire system in a matter of months.

We also have battery backup pond pump systems. If your power is interrupted the battery backup system switches on automatically. It will run your system for as long as you want us to design it for. It will run your pumps, filters, air stones, heaters, etc..

Call, fax, or e-mail us for quotes on either of these systems.


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Money Saver Pumps Benefits Pricing Onsite Installation Programmable Remote Control Baldor Motors Pumps Savings 1 HP 3 HP 5 HP 10 HP 15 HP 20 HP 30 HP 50 HP 100 HP Irrigation Pumps Money Savings Environmental Pump Questions Solar Panels Fountains Waterfalls Press Release Brochure Pond Pump Design Industrial Pumps Become a Dealer Keyword Search Table of Contents

Flow rates up to 10,000 gpm at 100 feet of head!



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